The Lucid Trajectory

A conceptual process in progress


Beginning as Lucid Dream Lounge in an East Oakland loft, we conducted theatrical experiments to reinvent the more stagnant aspects of modern theater to create an interactive model of highly complex walkthrough experiences and audience participation. We produced 19 highly enjoyable interactive events that became the framework of a new model built in hopes of propelling theater into the next century.


LDL Inc., after finishing our run at The Palace Theater, is now available for show creation, live performance, event logistics and production. With a collective 30 years of experience in theater, film, and event production, we can support any type of event. Some of our clients have included, Burning Man Project, Beats Antique, Take 3 Presents, Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Choir, The International Black Womens Film Festival.


LDL, Inc. will have continued to push the boundaries of theater and technology. Using theater and human connection to create experiences for participants that allows them to play, and genuinely be engaged in a new world— gaining perspective, and taking that into the community at large.


LDL, Inc. co-inspires, entertains and challenges audiences with unique multidimensional experiences: through which we honor the power of interactive art as a catalyst for self empowerment and finding common ground.


Some of our recent works and previous performances

Up the fun! Think outside the black box.

Meet Our Team

It takes different types of people to make theater a reality

Breanna LeslieBreanna LeslieCreative Director

Breanna has been crafting a plan to take over the world with theater for 15 years. Lucid Dream Lounge is the canvas for her imagination and the heart of what drives her.

Talia LipskindTalia LipskindAssociate Producer

Since relocating to the Bay Area in 1999 Talia has been involved in the arts with a focus on Photography and Performance. She’s been an active member of the Lucid Dream Lounge since 2010.

Mylee FaiginMylee FaiginAdvisor

Raised on puppets, Ramen noodles, and censored horror films on basic cable, Mylee has been working in immersive performance as a producer, writer, and performer since 1998.

Jakob GrimmJakob GrimmAssociate Producer

Grimm is a long time member of Lucid Dream Lounge. He lends his skill and time in the form of long hours as an Associate Producer, builder, manager, innovator and general support.

Lichen WhiteLichen WhiteAudio Technician

Lichen is a multifaceted artist who has spent most of his creative life in the Bay Area. Whether it be playing/writing music for a script, stage management, memorizing lines, or dancing, Lichen brings a diverse skill set to the table.


LDL’s complicated trajectory has given us the opportunity to explore and develop new models in a variety of critical aspects of art and social context. With the Palace we will see these modes and models come to fruition and many more to be integrated.